Our Businesses


Hume Cement Sdn Bhd ("HCMT")

HCMT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hume Industries Berhad ("HIB"). The principal businesses of HCMT are the manufacture and sale of cement and cement related products.

Its factory is located at Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia and it has a plant rated capacity of 5,000 tonnes per day.

Hume Concrete Sdn Bhd ("HCCT")

HCCT, set up its first precast concrete factory in Prai way back in 1929. Since then, HCCT has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of precast concrete in Malaysia.

HCCT has a network of fully equipped precast concrete factories in Malaysia located in Penang, Sabah, Selangor, Johor and Pahang. It manufactures a broad range of standard precast concrete products for the construction industry and for infrastructure works including pipes, vertical cast pipe, vihy, manhole, piles, reinforced concrete, tunnel lining and prestressed piles. In addition to the standard products, HCCT also supply specialty concrete products catering to diverse needs including marine and riverine works with products such as large diameter pipe, prestressed concrete products, giant segmental box culvert, components/Hume half slab, industrial building systems, customised pile, hollow core, landscaping Hume arch culvert, BEBO arch, Hume box girder, acoustic barrier, T-wall system and sheet piles.

All of HCCT's precast factories in Malaysia have been certified to be in compliance with the MS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements.